How to prevent installation of a failed Windows 10 update?

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Every time Windows 10 makes an update, it can bring good things but there are times that these fail to install and make it tough for the user to use his computer. As such times, you need to look for ways to prevent these failed updates from installing. In such case, you can contact windows 10 support to get professional guidance for the same. The other way is to try to resolve it on own. If your system runs on Windows 10, then you are likely to come across the problem of lack of control over updates. The latest version tries to look into the issue by preventing the restarts during the Active Hours. For setting these Active Hours for your system, you have to go to the Start menu and choose Settings, followed by Update and Security and finally choosing Change Active Hours.

Hiding and Stopping Windows 10 Updates

As said before, you can set the Active Hours for your system, but this alone is not enough to resolve the issue. One of the biggest problems with Windows 10 updates is that sometimes a broke update will also be included and it will fail to install. In such an event, every time the system is shut down or started, Windows 10 will attempt to download and install the same.

Windows 10 brings a solution for this issue in the form of an optional tool called “Show or Hide Updates Troubleshooter”, which can be downloaded by the user. It is available in two versions, namely, for the computers that are using the November 2015 update and the ones which are running the Anniversary Update. The troubleshooter has to be downloaded and then installed by clicking on the file that has been downloaded on the browser or by heading to downloads folder and then double clicking it.

As soon as it is installed, the troubleshooter will start and a welcome screen will be displayed. Perform a scan by clicking Next and you can know about the updates which can be stopped temporarily from installing. Now click on Hide Updates and you will get a list of updates which can be stopped. Tick the box next to the ones to be stopped. Instead of checking each and every of the updates, you can find the troublesome ones using Google. Some updates are important because they get security patches, advanced features and bug fixes for your computer, which is the reason why you need to be selective about the updates to be installed and the ones to be left out.

Then click Next to get the troubleshooter do its job and a screen will be displayed indicating that the update has been suppressed successfully. You can keep tabs on the broken updates fixed by Microsoft and unhide the updates in a similar manner so that it can be installed. All that has to be done is to select the option of “Show Hidden Updates” and then choose the ones that you want to unhide.

If you are still unable to prevent Windows 10 updates from installing, you need to call Microsoft windows 10 support number and talk to the experts there for proper guidance. The number connects you to certified and experienced professionals who are available 24 by 7 for resolving all Windows 10 issues in a speedy and effective manner.

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