How to Change the Wireless Settings on D-Link Router?

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Unlike wired routers wireless routers are convenient and they can also handle the large number of users since they are not limited by a specific number of ports. D-Link wireless routers are well-known for their reliability and distinct features. But, as they are wireless in nature they are openly accessible to outside users also. This may results in information leakage, in case, if the routers are not configured appropriately. So, you have to set up the DLink router properly in order to change the wireless settings. In case, if you have any face any problem in doing so, and then contact DLink Customer Service. Here, in this article, we will discuss the procedure for changing the settings on a DLink router.

Steps for changing Wireless Settings on D-Link Router : –

It is recommended that the connection between router and device should be established via Ethernet cables that will maintain the sessions and avoid the connection drops.

  • First of all, plug one end of Ethernet cable into a jack and other end of the cable into the laptop or desktop.
  • Then, turn on your computer
  • After that, enter the URL of router setup in the browser of and press the enter
  • Next, login to the router with the administrator credentials i.e. username and password.
  • Then, click the ‘setup’ tab on the DLink interface and select the ‘wireless settings’ to open the wireless configuration screen
  • Now, click on the ‘manual wireless connection setup’ option
  • After that, adjust the wireless settings as per the requirement. You can also enable or disable the wireless broadcasting entirely, change the name of the wireless network, channel and toggle the mode settings
  • Finally, click the ‘Save settings’ button to confirm the changes on your router

Hopefully, the above mentioned-steps are helpful in changing the settings in wireless DLink router. In case, if you face any issue or get stuck somewhere, then you can call at DLink Customer Service Number for availing the instant help from the technical experts.