How to Clear Brother Printer Paper Jams in Simple Steps?

Clear Brother Printer Paper Jams support number

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Want to get rid of from paper jam of your Brother Printer and don’t know how to do so? If yes, then read this blog to get a solution. Actually, when the paper jam occurs, on the control panel you can see LED indications.

To solve the problem follow the steps below:-

Step-1: Open the front cover and leave the machine for at least 10 minutes to cool down.

Step-2: Take out the drum unit as well as toner cartridge assembly slowly. You can pull out jammed paper with the drum unit as well as a toner cartridge, or it may release the stuck paper, therefore, So you can pull it out of the paper tray opening.

Step-3: Close the front cover. Don’t put the toner cartridge assembly and drum unit back in at this point.

Step-4: Completely pull the paper tray out of the printer.

Step-5: To slowly pull out the jammed paper, use both hands

Step-6: Open the back cover

Step-7: To open the fuser cover, pull down the tabs at the left and right-hand sides

Step-8: Gently pull the jammed paper out of the fuser unit, using both hands

Step-9: Close the fuser cover as well as the back cover.

Step-10: Completely pull the duplex tray out of the printer.

Step-11: Pull the jammed paper out of the duplex tray and the machine

Step-12: Check that the jammed paper doesn’t stay under the printer from static electricity.

Step-13: In the machine put the duplex tray back

Step-14: In the machine put the paper tray firmly back

Step-15: If there is any inside the drum unit, clear the jammed paper

Check that the Error LED is off and the Ready LED light is showing, if not then contact Brother Printer. In addition, you can dial Brother Support Number to get the real-time assistance of experts.


Source : https://bit.ly/2veNiEd

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