How to Resolve Brother Printer Issue -Unable to Print 50 in Simple Steps?

Unable to Print 50 error in brother printer help

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Are you receiving “Unable to Print 50” with your Brother Printer? If yes, then no need to worry as a solution is very handy. Actually, you come across this error because some object like the paper clip or ripped paper piece is stuck in the machine or Mechanical malfunction issue.

Steps to Fix Unable to Print 50 Error are as follows:

Steps-1: First of all, transfer your all faxes to another fax machine to save important messages.  Any

Step-2: Using both hands, life the scanner cover use the finger holds on each side of the machine go into the open position.

Step-3: Carefully check the left, as well as right-hand corners along with this, also check the center inside the machine, if any other object or any paper scraps jammed then remove it carefully.

Step-4: Using your hand, move the print head from left to right, checking carefully for any paper scraps stuck under the print head.  Remove any if found.

Step-5: Leave the scanner cover open and also turn the printer around thus you are seeing at the back of the printer.

Step-6: On the back of the machine open the Jam Clear Cover

Step-7: Check inside for any external objects or paper is not available, then remove if found.

Step-8: Turn the machine back around to the front and then “Close” the Jam Clear Cover

Step-9: To release the lock you have to lift the flat-bed scanner cover, then push the scanner cover gently support down as well as close the scanner cover using both hands.

Step-10: From the power outlet for approximately one-minute by unplugging the machine and then plug it back in.

Step-11: Print a Print Quality Check Sheet.

Step-12: If the problem persists then your machine will require service so get Brother Printer Support.

You can dial Brother Technical Support Phone Number USA to obtain the assistance of an expert.

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