How to Start Thunderbird Email in the Safe Mode?

Start Thunderbird In Safe Mode

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Want to Start Thunderbird Email in the Safe Mode and don’t know how to do so, then no need to worry as here you can find out simple steps or Thunderbird customer service both to access email account in safe mode. Actually, you can start Thunderbird email account in the Safe Mode to troubleshoot persisting error or issues. In the mode of safe, you can simply disable the add-ons that are creating issues or reset Thunderbird settings.

In case the issue is being produced by a particular add-on, then try comparing program behavior in Normal mode to the behavior in Safe mode.

Follow The Steps Below To Start Thunderbird In Safe Mode Are As Follows:-

Step-1: When Thunderbird is not running mode, simply press as well as hold down the Shift key while beginning Thunderbird to open it into Safe mode

Step-2: Click on the menu Help from the top of Thunderbird window, when Thunderbird is running. And choose Restart with Add-ons Disable menu item.

Step-3: Next, click button Restart in the dialog box

Step-4: Click on Continue in Safe Mode button in the appeared Thunderbird Safe Mode dialog box to accomplish the task to start Thunderbird in Safe Mode.

If you are a novice and found above-given steps tricky then call on Mozilla Thunderbird support number and let experts handle your issue

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