How to Resolve Authentication Failed Error of Juno 5.0?

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Are you getting Authentication failed error with Juno 5.0 or earlier account and don’t know how to fix it then follow given steps. Basically, the error means that access to your account has been limited in the following ways:-

  1. You will need to enable remote access to access your account.
  2. From Juno’s central computers your account has been deleted. You will not be able to access this account again if you removed your account from Juno’s central PCs
  3. Your account has been terminated.
  4. However, you can create a new account.

Steps to Enable Remote Access In Juno 3.0 Or Later Version Are As Follows:

Step-1: Start Juno on the PC where you disabled the remote access originally.

Step-2: Go to the menu Options and then choose option Password and Security.

Step-3: Now, you will see Password and Security screen.

Step-4: Make sure the checkbox is selected -Allow access to my account from other computers, under Security.  Select it, if it is not.

Step-5: Click OK.

Step To Enable Remote Access In Juno 2.0 Are As Follows:

Point to Remote Access, go to the Options menu and click Enable.

You can get Juno Customer Service for Juno Email or help via remote access for you, in case you cannot enable remote access to your account yourself.

Toll-free Juno email customer support number is also available to support in real-time and resolve issues with ease.

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