How to Fix the issue Dell OptiPlex 745 Blinking Orange Light?

Dell OptiPlex 745 Blinking Orange Light help

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Blinking orange light in Dell OptiPlex 745 is commonly known as the bad power issue. This is either due to faulty power supply or incorrect supply to main unit i.e +5v. It is the main reason found however you can also soft reset the Dell system and check as error can also be seen while working for a long time. If your Dell laptop is not turning on after your last shut down or restart and orange light is blinking then you are facing Dell OptiPlex 745 Blinking Orange Light issue. Here, in this article, we will discuss the steps to resolve this problem. If you find any difficulty, then contact Dell Customer Support for availing the immediate help from Mycustomerservice.

Steps needed to fix Dell OptiPlex 745 Blinking Orange Power Light issue

Follow the methods mentioned below in order to fix this issue: –

First Method: – SOFT RESET DELL

  • First of all, shut down the computer and disconnect all the cables (power cables) & devices connected to it.
  • Then, press the power button for 1 minute to drain power in the system.
  • Next, connect the power cable and all the necessary peripherals i.e. mouse and keyboard.
  • After that, restart the computer and check if the issue is fixed.
  • Finally, change the socket for power supply and verify the issue is resolved.


  • Firstly, open dell PC cover and locate the power supply box of the CPU.
  • Then, cut the green wire which is connected to power supply from the middle and strip the wire.
  • Next, cut a new wire can be used to connect between two ends.
  • After that, solder the piece of wire between the two points of connection.
  • Then, cover them by fixing electrical tape and plug in the power cable.
  • Finally, press power button and check if fan is rotating at the highest speed.

Even after executing the above explained methods issue is not fixed, then dial Dell Support Phone Number. The number is available 24/7 for resolving your issues.

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