Linksys WRT610N Router- How to Setup it?

Linksys WRT610N Router setup help

Linksys Routers are the globally renowned routers and has a huge variety of features and modern technology. These routers are known for their performance and durability. These are available in the market in different shapes and styles. Sometimes, new users find themselves in the trouble while setting up and configuring the router. Here, in this article, we will discuss how to set up Linksys WRT610N Router. If you need any help, then contact Linksys Router Customer Service.

Steps to setup Linksys WRT610N Router

In order to setup your Linksys router, follow the steps given below: –

  • You can setup the router with the Router Setup Wizard: – To do so, you need the router installation CD along with the username and password that you would have got at the time of purchase. Now, just install the CD in your device’s driver and then follow the prompted instructions.
  • Second method is Browser-based setup utility: – In order to setup using this method, first of all, plug the router into a power outlet but don’t turn it on. Now, connect the router with the computer using the Ethernet cable. Then, power on the router, computer and the modem. After turning on, check that whether the lights are illuminated properly that will show the active connection status. When you see that the connection is fine, open your browser and type the URL in the address bar and press enter, and then follow the given instructions.
  • You can also setup by configuring wireless settings: – To setup in this way, click on the wireless tab, and then select one of the options from manual and Wi-Fi protected setup. Configure the settings and save them.

With the help above mentioned steps, you can setup your router. In case, if you finding any trouble at any point, then call Linksys Phone Number.


How to Change the Wireless Settings on D-Link Router?

Dlink Router help number

Unlike wired routers wireless routers are convenient and they can also handle the large number of users since they are not limited by a specific number of ports. D-Link wireless routers are well-known for their reliability and distinct features. But, as they are wireless in nature they are openly accessible to outside users also. This may results in information leakage, in case, if the routers are not configured appropriately. So, you have to set up the DLink router properly in order to change the wireless settings. In case, if you have any face any problem in doing so, and then contact DLink Customer Service. Here, in this article, we will discuss the procedure for changing the settings on a DLink router.

Steps for changing Wireless Settings on D-Link Router : –

It is recommended that the connection between router and device should be established via Ethernet cables that will maintain the sessions and avoid the connection drops.

  • First of all, plug one end of Ethernet cable into a jack and other end of the cable into the laptop or desktop.
  • Then, turn on your computer
  • After that, enter the URL of router setup in the browser of and press the enter
  • Next, login to the router with the administrator credentials i.e. username and password.
  • Then, click the ‘setup’ tab on the DLink interface and select the ‘wireless settings’ to open the wireless configuration screen
  • Now, click on the ‘manual wireless connection setup’ option
  • After that, adjust the wireless settings as per the requirement. You can also enable or disable the wireless broadcasting entirely, change the name of the wireless network, channel and toggle the mode settings
  • Finally, click the ‘Save settings’ button to confirm the changes on your router

Hopefully, the above mentioned-steps are helpful in changing the settings in wireless DLink router. In case, if you face any issue or get stuck somewhere, then you can call at DLink Customer Service Number for availing the instant help from the technical experts.


How to Troubleshooting WPS Issues or Error on a Tenda W311R Router?

Tenda W311R Router support

Are you using on Tenda Router to access internet but suddenly it stops working because of a few annoying error? If yes then no need to worry this guide will show you how to troubleshoot your router issues with the Wireless or WPS Pin Number.

Actually, WPS is a system specially designed to formulate wireless connections handy by entering a PIN code to connect on the router instead of using a wireless password. Unluckily sometimes it can reason problems in connecting to the network in case the devices do not fully maintain it. The best option in that set up your own Wireless Security to disable WPS.

Step-1: Open up an Internet window using a PC that is plugged openly in to the Tenda router, and search the address bar and then erase everything from the field.

Step-2: Type in in the IP filed and press enter key.

Step-3: Enter admin when prompted for a username and password for both and then click OK.

Step-4: Ignore the Device Setup screen as well as click on WLAN Settings on the left of screen.

Step-5: Click WPS Settings, under WLAN Settings on the left

Step-6: Click the Disable box in the WPS Config box, and then click Save.

Step-7: Click Security, on the left under WLAN Settings

Step-8: Change the Security Mode to WPA2, in the Security Settings box, and enter a security key of your choice. After that Click Apply.

You can now connect to the network with the recently produced security settings, once the settings have been changed. For more details get Tenda customer Support.
In addition, you can get real-time assistance from experts via Tenda Router Support Number listed at Mycustomerservice directory, if you found given steps tricky to follow