How To Fix Clear Paper Jams Of Epson Printer?

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Epson printers are known for its top-quality print results. Using it you can get print almost anything like file or image, anywhere at work or home. But as it is an electrical device sometimes it starts producing some problems like “Paper Jam”. This type of problem is enough to hamper your work and enough frustrate you. If you are, also troubled by the same issue or want an instant solution of all technical issue of printer, then either get Epson printer customer support or follow given steps to resolve your issue by yourself.

Steps to Fix Clear Paper Jams Epson Printer are as Follows:-

Step-1:Turn off the printer.

Step-2:Open the roll paper cover as well as move the paper lever to the free position.

Step-3:At the paper insertion slot cut the paper, and remove the roll paper.

Step-4:Get rid of the jammed paper from the rear or front side of the printer.

Step-5: Open the top cover, if necessary, and then remove the jammed paper.

Step-6: Take away the rear cover by squeezing the knobs, if the paper is jammed around the rear cover, as well as remove the jammed paper.

If your Epson printer is not working properly and you found above-given steps tricky to solve, then contact experts via Epson support phone number and enjoy professional assistance. Visit online directory called Mycustomerservice.org to get reliable, toll-free help number or contact the dealer where you purchased your product to get the solution to your issue.