Easy Guidelines to connect Canon MG2922 Printer to Wi-Fi

Connect Canon MG2922 Printer to Wi-Fi help

Want to connect your “Canon MG2922 Printer to Wi-Fi” but don’t know how to do so then follow below-given steps. Actually, as soon as you connect your Canon printers to Wi-Fi network you will able to its advanced and ultra-edging features from the network directly.

Step to Connect Canon MG2922 printer to Wi-Fi as follows:-

Step-1: First of all, connect your computer Wi-Fi

Step-2: Now it’s time to turn on your Canon printer MG2922

Step-3: Check if machine’s green light is on or not. Actually, a green light indicates the printer is powered on.

Step-4: Also check blue light is flashing, which shows light for Wi-Fi.

Step-5: Now go to the Canon PIXMA official website and download the setup file by logging in.

Step-6: For download follow the necessary instructions as well as install the setup on your computer.

Step-7: To get started run the program.

Step-8: Click on ‘Next’ wizard files will appear on your display screen.

Step-9: Select ‘Wireless LAN connection’ as well as proceed.

Step-10: Choose “Access Point Connection” and then click on the “Next”.

Step-11: The setup file that you have downloaded will hunt for the wireless connection.

Step-12: The printer list will pop up on your screen as soon as it detected the wireless connection. Now to continue the process of installation Click on ‘Next’

Step-13: Click on ‘Cableless Setup’ for the method of Connection, and continue.

Step-14: Click on “I Agree” after you read the License Agreement, and click on ‘Next’ to complete the installation.

Step-15: Click on ‘Complete’ when the setup window appears

Step-16: Run test print

Step-17: Select ‘Exit’ Now, your wireless Canon Pixma printer will be connected. If still, your Canon printer PIXMA not printing then dial Canon customer support phone number to get experts assistance.


How to fix the issue Scanner Unable to Connect in Canon Pixma MG2570?

Unable to Connect in Canon Pixma MG2570

Canon is the renowned printer brand that has established itself as the one of the best manufacture of the good quality printers. Canon Printers are known for their innovative design and distinct features. The company has also gained popularity because of its excellent support to the customers. In case of any query or trouble, you can contact Canon Customer Service for the expert’s solution. Here, in this article, we will discuss the steps and procedure required to fix the issue Scanner Unable to Connect in Canon Pixma MG2570.

How to resolve the issue Scanner Not Connecting?

Follow the methods which are mentioned below to resolve this issue.

  • Reinstall the driver: – In order to reinstall the driver follow the below mentioned steps.
  • Open the device manager.
  • Then, find the Canon Driver and right-click choose, and then choose the option “Uninstall” device.
  • In the screen, see the dialogue box and ensure that you are removing the driver software for this device and then you have to click the Uninstall button.
  • After that, click “scan for hardware changes” button. Then, windows will start installing the missing drivers.

When the driver is reinstalled, the problem may get resolved.

  • Update the Canon Drivers: – Sometimes, this issue arises because of the outdated canon driver. So, by updating driver, you may be able to fix this issue.
  • Perform a clean boot: – This issue may also arise due to third-party application which may interfere with the hardware. By disabling the startup applications and services, you might get rid of this issue.  Follow the below explained process.
  • First of all, press Window key + R, then enter “msconfig”, then click “OK” and press enter.
  • Next, go to the “Services” tab by opening the System Configuration window. Now, check to “Hide all Microsoft services” option and it should be followed by clicking the “Disable all” button.
  • Now, open the “Task manager”
  • At the Task Manager, all the start application will appear. Right click at the first entry of that list, and then select “Disable” and follow this procedure for all the entries.
  • Now, close the Task Manager and click “Apply”, then “OK”
  • Then, restart the PC.
  • After restarting the PC, check whether the problem is solved or not.

In case, if the problem still persist, then don’t worry, just give a call at Canon Support Number. Calling upon the number, you will connect with the technical experts who will guide you to resolve the problem in the quickest possible time.


The Canon Printer Error 5b00-How to fix resolve it?

Canon Printer Error 5b00 customer support

Canon printers are well-known for their work performance, reliability and credibility. Canon provides a broad range of printers with distinct features and innovative design. Along with offering excellent quality in the printers, it also delivers the exceptional customer service for its users. However, sometimes users encounter the one of the most common issue i.e. Canon Printer Error 5b00. But, the best thing is that this error can resolved immediately. Here, in this article we will discuss the same. In case, if you got stuck somewhere or have any query, then contact Canon Printer Customer Support for the immediate help.

Steps required for resolving the Canon Printer Error 5b00

In order to make the printer more efficient continuous ink system is being installed. By this, you save money and also get a better quality print. However, the continuous ink system has a few disadvantages as well. For example, if a regular cartridge prints 200 pages, CIS makes the printer exceed this number. Sometime, it causes ink spillage in the printer, in turn, filling up the printer pads, resulting in 5b00 error in canon printers. Canon Printer Error 5b00 can also arise due to the error code 5105 which means ink cartridges are not fully seated in the printer. Follow the below mentioned to troubleshoot this error.

  • Set the printer to factory setting: – You can fix almost all the issue by this method. Follow the steps in order to do so.
  • First of all, turn off the printer and hold down the stop or reset button.
  • Next, while you are holding down the stop button, press the power button of your printer and turn your printer on and off again.
  • Then, release the stop button and press it twice in quick succession while still pushing the power button.
  • At last, wait till you see reset on the screen. And then, press the stop button five times consequently and quickly press the power button twice.
  • Running the printer in service mode: – Running the Canon printer in service mode will make the ink absorber pad empty rather than full. And if you can open your printer and clean the deposits of in, then it will help you in fixing the issue. You can use napkins or tissues for this purpose. In order t do so, follow the below steps: –
  • First, turn on your printer and press the menu button.
  • For putting the Canon printer into the service mode, first press Scan, then Copy and then again press the Scan button.

Hopefully, the steps explained-above are helpful for you in resolving the issue. In case, if you still detect the issue, then dial Canon Printer Support Number. The number is available 24/7 for resolving your issues.


Canon MX328 Pixma Printer Error U163-how to Resolve?

Canon printer support phone number

Nowadays, a printer is an important device to complete our office or to digital work on paper in an efficient way. One such most accessed are device is Canon Printer which is easy to configure as well as provide multifarious qualities like crisp and clear printing with a high speed fast, better resolution. The best part is it easily compatible, among almost          every printing devices.

Actually, in the printing industry, Canon MX328 Pixma Printer is one of the popular names because of its result-driven features as well as excellence in performance. Still, sometimes you may come across some technical issues like “Canon MX328 Pixma Printer Error U163”. If you are getting the same error then follow the below-given steps.

Steps to set up Canon Pixma MG5450 are as follows:

Step-1: First of all, check that your printing device is ON.

Step-2: to the printer and close both the top cover and filtering unit together place the ink cartridge back

Step-3: Now carefully check whether the screen of your device’ is still showing this error message or not.  If no, then get Canon Customer Help and then go for printing.

Step-4: In case your issue still remains unchanged then press as well as hold the reset catches till printer will not start again.

Step-5: Leave the catch, after the printer is started again Although, above-given steps enough to troubleshooting your problem if not then dial Canon Printer Support phone Number and let experts resolve your issue with ease.

Source code url : https://bit.ly/2zTGkqv


Get Canon Printer support to Fix Problem Ink Is Not Ejected

Canon printer help number

Are you receiving “Problem Ink Is Not Ejected” with your Canon Printer? If yes, then follow below-given steps. First of all, do the following: Replace FINE cartridge with a new one, when it runs out of ink. Check that -Is the FINE cartridge correctly installed?

Actually, from time to time ink may not be correctly ejected, if the FINE cartridge is not securely set up.  Open the paper output cover, when the head cover opens, then push up the ink cartridge lock lever. As soon as push up the ink cartridge lock lever to confirm, which the FINE cartridge is properly installed.

Remove the FINE cartridges, if the issue is not resolved, then set up them again.

Steps to set up the FINE cartridges are as follows:-

To determine whether the ink ejects correctly from the print head nozzles, print the nozzle check pattern. Check Pattern printing, Print Head Deep Cleaning, and Print Head Cleaning when printing turns into faint or colors are improper for the nozzle. For more details get Canon Printer customer Help.

Follow the steps in case the Nozzle Check Pattern is not correctly printed:

Print the Pattern of Nozzle Check as well as examine the pattern after carrying out the print head cleaning. In case the issue is not set on after execution the Print Head cleaning two times, then simply implement the print head deep cleaning.

The ink may have run out if the problem is not set on after carrying out the print head deep cleaning. So simply replace the FINE cartridge. In addition, you can dial Canon Support Phone Number and ask experts to resolve your issue.

Source URL : https://bit.ly/2JHy4gR