Way to get Simple Steps to Install or Add a Local Canon Printer

Steps to Install Local Canon Printer support

Want to Install or Add a Local Canon Printer but don’t know how to do so? If yes, then follow the given steps. Additionally, you can get Canon Customer Service if you want expert’s assistance.

Steps To install or add a local printer are as follows:-

Step-1: On the Start menu click the Start button and then simply click on Devices and Printers.

Step-2: Click on Add a printer.

Step-3: Click Add a local printer in the Add Printer wizard.

Step-4: Make sure that the Use an existing port button on the Choose a printer port page.

Step-5: Now, the recommended printer ports are selected, as well as click Next.

Step-6: Select the printer manufacturer as well as a model, on the Install the printer driver page, after that then click Next.

Step-7: Click Windows Update, if your printer isn’t listed, and then wait while Windows checks for further drivers.

Step-8: Click Have Disk, if none are available and you have the installation CD, and then go to the folder where the printer driver is situated.

Step-9: Click Finish to complete the additional steps in the wizard

Steps To Install A Network, Bluetooth Or Wireless Printer Are As Follows:- 

Step-1: Click the Start -> click Devices and Printers.

Step-2: Click Add a Canon printer.

Step-3: Click Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer, in the Add Printer wizard,

Step-4: Select available printers, and then click Next.

Step-5: Install the printer driver by clicking Install Canon driver on your computer

Step-6: Click Finish to complete the additional steps in the wizard. Or dial Canon Printer Support Phone Number to get the real-time assistance of experts only at Mycustomerservice phone number directory.


How to Clear Brother Printer Paper Jams in Simple Steps?

Clear Brother Printer Paper Jams support number

Want to get rid of from paper jam of your Brother Printer and don’t know how to do so? If yes, then read this blog to get a solution. Actually, when the paper jam occurs, on the control panel you can see LED indications.

To solve the problem follow the steps below:-

Step-1: Open the front cover and leave the machine for at least 10 minutes to cool down.

Step-2: Take out the drum unit as well as toner cartridge assembly slowly. You can pull out jammed paper with the drum unit as well as a toner cartridge, or it may release the stuck paper, therefore, So you can pull it out of the paper tray opening.

Step-3: Close the front cover. Don’t put the toner cartridge assembly and drum unit back in at this point.

Step-4: Completely pull the paper tray out of the printer.

Step-5: To slowly pull out the jammed paper, use both hands

Step-6: Open the back cover

Step-7: To open the fuser cover, pull down the tabs at the left and right-hand sides

Step-8: Gently pull the jammed paper out of the fuser unit, using both hands

Step-9: Close the fuser cover as well as the back cover.

Step-10: Completely pull the duplex tray out of the printer.

Step-11: Pull the jammed paper out of the duplex tray and the machine

Step-12: Check that the jammed paper doesn’t stay under the printer from static electricity.

Step-13: In the machine put the duplex tray back

Step-14: In the machine put the paper tray firmly back

Step-15: If there is any inside the drum unit, clear the jammed paper

Check that the Error LED is off and the Ready LED light is showing, if not then contact Brother Printer. In addition, you can dial Brother Support Number to get the real-time assistance of experts.


Source : https://bit.ly/2veNiEd


How to Fix Kodak Printer Error Code 30 and 50?

Fix Kodak Printer Error Code 30 and 50

Are you using Kodak printer and suddenly it starts producing annoying error code 30 and 50? If yes, then no need to worry as here you can find out a complete solution of your issue.

Solution- 1:

  1. First of all, using the plastic tabs lift the scanner cover, which is situated on the left and right side of the printer until it locks tightly into the open position.
  2. Now, slide the print head to the middle.
  3. Remove if any pieces of paper or staple, paper clip are present.


  • First of all, using the plastic tabs lift the scanner cover, which is situated on the left and right side of the printer until it locks tightly into the open position.
  • To make sure you clean the entire encoder strip, slide the print head over to the right side under the cover
  • With the smooth cloth, grab the encoder strip on both sides as well as rub the cloth down the strip from one end to the other side’s at least 3

In case your problem remains unchanged get Kodak customer support. In addition, call at toll-free Kodak printer support number that available at Mycustomerservice reliable phone directory.


5 Common Canon Printer Problems and There Solution

canon support

As printer is an electrical device so a few technical issues are pretty common in it, but, question if my printer is suddenly showing error code then from where I can get reliable support or solution of my issue. If you are also troubled by the same issue then no needs to worry just read this blog to get solution.

A Few Common Printers Are As Follows:-

My Printer Won’t Print:
Actually, there are many causes why your printer won’t print, such as maybe it is because your machine encounters an error message or warning light. To fix this issue make sure there is no paper in the trays, the USB cable is plugged in or check the ink or toner cartridges aren’t empty.

Sometimes the printer won’t print is because you have installed some software that are a ‘virtual’ printer as well as this has set itself as the default.

Getting Issues Related to Print Cartage:-

Cartage issue may occur if the ink cartridges are replaced previous to the ink life form totally empty. Just take the ink cartridge out, when you get an error code stating that the ink is empty, turn the unit off, and then turn it back on, after that place the ink cartridge back inside.

Canon Printer How To Set Up Wireless:-

To set up printer go to the Start button -> click Devices and Printers -> Click Add a printer. Now click Add a local printer -> Choose a printer port -> Use an existing port -> click Next.

Now, install the printer driver and follow the ongoing instructions. If you found given steps tricky to follow then call experts via Canon Printer Customer Care Phone Number listed at Mycustomerservice.org directory and let them handle your issue with ease.


How to Install the Driver with Network | Locate A Network Connected Brother Printer

Install the brother printer Driver with Network

Want to install the driver with network settings, but not able locate a network connected Brother printer or want to know complete the driver installation for Windows? If yes, then either follow given steps or Brother Printer Customer Support to obtain the real-time assistance of technical experts.

Step-1:- First of all, check the connection and verify the power cord and LAN cable of the machine are connected properly. Along with also check your printer and your computer are linked by a Peer-to-Peer method.

Step-2: Check that the router Link light or the hub is ON.

Step-3: Check the IP Address from Start menu -> open command prompt and then enter ipconfig and press Enter.

Step-4: Check the Subnet Mask and IP address.

Step-5: To close command prompt enter “exit” Command.

Note: make sure your Subnet Mask is like

Step-6: Check the Brother Printer IP address from control panel -> Network User’s Guide or User’s Guide -> Manuals section.

Step-7: Restart the hub or router

Step-8: Check the Firewall setting, if it on then maybe rejected necessary network connection.

If you are a novice and found above-given steps tricky to follow then call experts for further assistance via Brother Printer Technical Support Number, which you can get from Mycustomerservice online phone directory. The best part is experts will help you till your problem gets resolved at pocket-friendly rates 24*7 with just one. So just hand over your issue to experts and enjoy hassle-free service.


What is the cause of Epson Printer Error code 0X9a?

What is the cause of Epson Printer Error code 0X9a

The principle reason of this ERROR is the harm in the frame system files of Windows. The degenerate passages in the framework records are a genuine hazard to your PC. The system files in Windows OS are harmed in light of the fact that a disjointed uninstalls disgraceful evacuation of equipment or applications, a deficient establishment, an inappropriate shutdown of your PC, an infection or adware assault and so forth. Every one of these exercises may influence the defilement or expulsion of sections in the Window system files.

How to determine Epson Printer Error Code 0X9a?

You can resolve the error code 0X9a in Epson printers by means of two strategies.

To start with Method:

At first, you have to download the Epson Error 0X9a code’s repair utility.

Next, you are supposed to install the program, followed by clicking on the scan button

Once it is done, you are then required to click the settle errors button when the scanning is completed.

In the end, all you have to do is to reboot your PC, and you will realize that your process is successfully completed.

Second Method: Manually resolve the Error

If the previous method doesn’t help you out in resolving the issue, you can obviously try the alternative way. The steps for the same are:

Switch on your PC and logon as manager. Go to the Control Panel, and from that point select the option that prompts “Backup and Restore” alternative. From Backup and Restore menu, you will have to again select the choice that says “System Restore.”

Now pick the choice “Restore my computer to an earlier time “. Also, tap on the button for “Next” in order to continue and complete the process.

Just after the process of system restore is complete, the next thing you will have to do is to reboot your PC. Once the rebooting is done, you can be assured about the fact that the process is completed.

Now, for users, who realized that both the methods are not helpful for them then they should instantly consult the experts to fix the matter. And, to connect with them, all they have to do is to call them up at Epson printer support phone number. The given number can only be availed from the website of Mycustomerservice, which is a well-recognized online directory that provides numbers of all the customer support and service departments that are situated in the USA or Canada.