Easy Steps to Fix Screen Resolution for the Pogo Games

Fix Screen Resolution for the Pogo Games

Pogo games have been one of the most popular games worldwide. There are numerous gaming options available at their portal. It is also available with unlimited advantages for the exclusive member of Pogo Gaming Club, Pogo.com provides more than 100 free to use casual games which include popular board games, casino games, and adventure games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, First Class Solitaire, and many more. However, several times users have trouble with their screen size while playing Pogo games. Here, in this article, we will discuss how to fix the screen resolution for the Pogo games. You can also take expert’s support by contacting Pogo Games Customer Service.

Fixing Resolution for the Pogo Game

Basic troubleshooting steps for fixing resolutions are: –

  • Close the internet Browser on which you are playing games.
  • Then, restart the computer.
  • After that, try opening the Pogo games and see if that works.

If this step does not work, then try the below-stated methods.

Adjusting Screen Resolution for the Windows Computer

  • First of all, go to the computer desktop and right click
  • Then, from the available option click on the “Screen Resolution”
  • For the Club Pogo members, the screen resolution should be 1024 X 768 or higher. Depending on the system capacity and for the free Pogo members, the screen resolution should be 1152 X 864
  • Finally, adopt the setting and click on “Apply” and “OK”

 Adjusting Screen Resolution for the MAC Computer

  • First of all, click on the apple icon present at the top of the MAC screen.
  • Then,  select “System Preferences”
  • After that, select “Display” and see the entire available screen resolutions for your system
  • For the club Pogo members, the screen resolution should be 1024 by 768 or higher and for free Pogo members it should be 1152 by 864
  • At last, adjust the settings and close System Preferences

So, these are the simple steps which you need to follow to fix the screen resolution for the Pogo games. If you have any issue or query associated with the Pogo games, then get solutions within seconds by dialing Pogo customer Help Number.

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Get reliable Minecraft Customer Support

Minecraft live chat help

Developed and Published by The Mojang, Minecraft is the top most popular brand and loved sandbox game. It allows user to make using special cubes in 3D, crafting, combat, resource gathering and many more. Within a short period, Minecraft has gained numerous awards. In 2018, it has best-selling video game with more than 114 million copies have been sold-out.

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You can Download Minecraft in your PC/computer

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Mojang give you simply approachable and trusted customer service. The technical experts are highly experienced in solving any problem you might face while playing Minecraft. If you are facing any error while downloading, installing or accessing the Minecraft Game, you can contact Minecraft Live Help phone Number.

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How to Enable XBOX ONE Multi-Factor Authentication in Simple Way?

XBOX ONE Multi-Factor Authentication support

Microsoft’s Xbox One is a line of 8th generation video game consoles allows you to enjoy your game in the best way. But if you want to set Xbox one multi-factor authentication, then follow the given steps.

Steps to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication on a Live or Microsoft Account:-

Step-1: First of all, follow the URL to https://account.live.com and Log in with the desired Live or Microsoft Account.

Step-2: In the top bar menu click on Security & privacy option

Step-3: Click on More security settings under Account Security

Step-4: Click on Set up two-step verification under two-step verification

Step-5: Click “Next” to continue in the Setup two-step verification screen

Step-6: Choose which mobile device that identity verification app will be set up on

Step-7: To install the Microsoft authenticator app click the link is provided as well as install it on the desired device

Step-8: Now, run the app of Microsoft’s authenticator on the device

Step-9: Click on the symbol “+” then the icon camera to initialize the QR Code scan on the device

Step-10: The provided QR code point the device’s camera

Step-11: Enter the provided 6 digit code in the space provided, once the QR Code is captured.

Now, multi-factor authentication on the Live or Microsoft account is now enabled, once the code is entered. For more details Xbox Live Customer Service.

In addition, dial Xbox Support Phone Number to get experts assistance in real-time to fix technical issues with ease.


Tips to Enjoy Online Game or Troubleshoot Pogo Related Issues

pogo game support

Want to enjoy your Pogo game without any trouble or technical issue then read tips given. In addition, here you can know how to get Pogo Customer Service to troubleshoot game related issues.

Tips to Enjoy Online Game Flawlessly:-

1. Install the latest version of Java
2. After installing Java to enable the new version, restart your web browser
3. Enable automatic updates
4. Remove older versions of Java
5. Actually, with Java Update feature you will get security updates when manufacturers are released.
6. To ensure that applets verify that Java is enabled in the browser, which uses it will function properly
7. Clear Java cache periodically
8. Configure the settings of your anti-virus or firewall software
9. Use Java supported Web browsers

To run 64-bit Oracle Java on Mac OS X a 64-bit browser is required

For Mac Chrome 64-bit became available with Chrome Version 39.

To ensure any applet that uses Java will function properly, check system requirements

The most common difficulties are produced by settings of the firewall, anti-virus, pop-up blocking, and ad blocking software. Simply disable firewall, anti-virus to resolve these issues and see if the issue goes away. If the problem remains unchanged then call experts via Pogo Technical Support Phone Number and let them handle your issue.

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In case you find these Pogo suggestions or tips do not resolve your issue, then please contact Pogo help and request further help.