How to prevent Avast Antivirus from blocking websites?

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Avast is one of the most trusted antivirus software programs used by a large number of people. It comes in free as well as commercial versions and offers secure protection against viruses and malicious software. Additionally, you can avail excellent Avast support by getting connected with its support number. The antivirus comes with a built-in feature which enables you to block some websites so that no one can use your computer to access these sites. If you have blocked certain website in an accidental manner, it can be disabled using the following steps:

  1. Start by right clicking the orange color icon of Avast, followed by clicking ‘Open Avast! User Interface’. By doing some, the main application of Avast would be launched.
  2. Click the tab for ‘Additional Protection’ which lies on the left of the window. Click ‘Site Blocking’ under it to get a list of websites being blocked by Avast on the right side of the window.
  3. Then click a website from the list. Again click the ‘Delete’ button which is placed at the end of the row for stopping an individual website from being blocked.
  4. Clear the check from the box for ‘Enable Site Blocking’ which lies at the top of the window. This will completely disable the website blocking by Avast.
  5. Finally close the user interface of Avast and reach back the desktop.

If these steps fail to prevent Avast from blocking the websites, you can call Avast customer support number for availing professional guidance for the same. This number places you in direct contact with Avast certified technicians who can help you resolve any of the related issues in a matter of minutes.


Procedure to Install Avast Antivirus with the Help of Setup Log File

setup log

When any user contacts Avast antivirus customer support to report that your Antivirus failed to install on your computer, then they may be requested to make available a setup log file for additional analysis. Actually, a user can access these setup logs from the Avast Setup wizard when they encounter any error, then simply copy it to Notepad program as well as save it as a text file.

Follow the Below Given Steps in This Article to Get the Setup Log File:-

Step-1: To open Log Viewer, click on the View setup log

 setup log

Step-2: From the bottom-left corner adjust the Verbosity setting to Debug, and then click Copy to clipboard.

Verbosity setting

Step-3: Open Notepad-> click Edit option ->select Paste to insert the setup log data, which you previously copied to your clipboard.

Open Notepad

Step-4: Click on the File, and then select Save as option

Save as option

Step-5: Now, save the text file as name “SetupLog.txt”anywhere you can simplyfind it like as your desktop, and then exit Notepad.

SetupLog file

Step-6: Return to the Log Viewer back and click on Close button.

Log Viewer back

Step-7: Compress the log file of setup using a file compression utility like zip, and then send it as an attachment to Avast Support.

In case you found any trouble then call at Avast support phone number which is listed on mycustomerservice reliable phone directory.




How to Troubleshooting login issues of Avast Antivirus Account?

login issues of Avast

Are you not able to login to Avast Antivirus Account? If yes, then no worry here you can get the solution of your issue.  Actually, Avast Account is a portal which is specially designed to aid you to manage all your Avast security software licenses for different devices and products that are registered to your email address.

You may see an error message like given-below when you try to log in to your Avast Account:-

  1. My Avast servers are temporarily down
  2. The password or username you have entered is incorrect

Steps to troubleshoot username or password you have entered are an incorrect issue:-

Actually, this error is caused usually by one of the following factors:

  • When you entering an email address, which is not registered Avast, so make sure that you are typed an email address correctly that is registered already as your Avast antivirus Account username.
  • When you try to login with incorrect or old password, so please check caps lock is off or on according your password.

You can try to reset the password if you are still unable to log in. For more details get Avast Customer Service to register in the Avast Account database or create a new account. In addition, call experts via Avast Antivirus Support Number (Toll-free) to obtain the real-time assistance of experts to fix all technical issues related to your device security. The best part is you can enjoy experts assistance 24X7 at pocket-friendly rates without any longer hold or waiting for queue.


Solutions If Norton Antivirus Won’t Allow Apple iTunes to Work

norton support

Apple iTunes connects to the network; thus its performance is subject to the Internet security suite of your computer. Though some security software let iTunes link to its servers without any troubles, sometimes conflicts might occur. Norton Antivirus can interfere with it, preventing you from managing iPhone devices of your company. However, with the Norton antivirus contact number for customer service, you can avail the quick help if any issue occurs.

Confirm That Norton Is the Issue-

It is proven that iTunes gets blocked at times by the security software, but it requires ensuring that the Norton Antivirus is the real problem before uninstalling it. Some simple configuration problems that might be caused by Norton can lead your iTunes to stop functioning correctly. Before you troubleshoot, check that your system has the exact date, time and zone, and you have installed the latest versions of Norton and iTunes and logged on as an admin user.

Essential Updates:-

As iTunes is the central application and commonly used by both Mac and PC users, it’s potential that software updates related to Norton can conflict between the two requests. Reveal your Norton program and check for the necessary upgrades. Latest versions or virus definition files might have inbuilt exceptions for iTunes, however, it relies on the Norton version and its subscription selections.

Program Exceptions:-

Norton’s firewall security can prevent iTunes from connecting to its servers. With the security software, you can enable particular applications via the firewall. Open your Norton program. Click the ‘Settings’ >> Select the ‘Network’ >> click the ‘Smart Firewall’ >> click the ‘Configure’ option in the Advanced Settings. Click the ‘Configure’ option in the General Rule’s row and then ‘Add’ button to use a wizard to insert iTunes as an exception. When the wizard is completed, click the ‘OK’ button to close the window.

Port Exceptions

If you add iTunes as an exception in Norton, but it doesn’t eliminate the conflicts between the applications, add port numbers and domains of iTunes manually to Norton. For iTunes to run correctly, it requires having access to 80 and 443 ports along with six distinct domains. Try to add these ports and domains to the firewall exceptions to let iTunes work.

However, if these workarounds didn’t solve the Norton issues with iTunes, dial the Norton customer support number and avail the experts’ help to fix all sorts of problems instantly at Mycustomerservice.


Get Professionals Support to Fix Kaspersky Antivirus Issues

Kaspersky phone number

Kaspersky Antivirus is the most familiar name among other security solutions available in the Market. It protects your stored necessary data on the system and blocks unauthorized access to the computer. This antivirus plays an essential role in diagnosing online threats adware, malware, viruses and other system vulnerabilities. It’s also necessary to use Kaspersky appropriately to acquire proper protection. Check the settings and hardware compatibility before you initiate installation procedure. If you’re unable to install it properly, you may face difficulties and Kaspersky will not work correctly. Though, at the Kaspersky phone number, you can get solutions to repair software related problems quickly and appropriately.

Technical glitches related to Kaspersky antivirus are as follows:

  1. Installation failed error message
  2. Kaspersky stops scanning/working
  3. The antivirus automatic update gets failed
  4. Not able to update it to the new version
  5. Unable to download and install
  6. Blocks websites and applications from operating

It’s therefore; you should consult with the experienced and qualified IT engineers to fix issues that can affect your system speed and corrupt your data as well as create system malfunctions, etc. If you face difficulties in installing or using the Kaspersky antivirus software, contact to Kaspersky support phone number to get the help of experts available 24*7 to fix problems related to the antivirus.


How to make Norton 360 scan your System Automatically?

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Norton 360 is a hostile to infection program made by Symantec, Inc. This program attempts to shield PC from irresistible records and has many elements, for example, auto-filter. The auto-check include gives you the choice to naturally examine your PC and permits you to pick the day and time to do it. Once the scan is customized, you just need to ensure that the PC is on, and the program will consequently filter the PC at the assigned time.

So, if you are one of them who want your Norton 360 Antivirus program to automatically keep scanning your system after a fixed interval of time then make sure that you have taken expert’s assistance by calling at Norton antivirus security contact number. However, if you want to opt for a shortcut method, you should simply follow the steps given below:

Open your Norton 360 program. Tap on the program window and pick “Tasks and Settings,” then pick “Change Advanced Settings” on the right-hand side of the window.

Pick “Task Scheduling Settings”. Find PC Security and Tuneup Schedule and pick the down bolt by “Programmed (Recommended).” Next, pick the time span which you need the scan to happen – for instance, month to month or week after week.

Tap the down bolt by the begin times recorded, and pick your time inclination – 6:00 p.m., for instance.

Next, pick the day that you wish to begin the scan. In the event that you picked the month to month, you can pick the day of the month you wish the output to happen, for example, the first or second day of the month. In the event that you picked week by week, you can pick the day of the week, for example, Monday.

Pick “Close” at the base of the window. Your auto-examine has been set, and Norton will check at the booked time.

Additional Tips & Warnings:

When setting the program to auto-check, it is best to pick time and day when the PC is not is utilize so that the scan can be more beneficial.

Make certain to close any projects that are running before the planned scan to avert obstruction.

Once the auto-output is set, you can simply change the settings to one more day and time.

It is a smart thought to put an update note in an obvious area to help you to remember the planned scan to ensure that the PC is turned on.

Now, just in case, if you are unsatisfied with the steps mentioned above or you think that your problem still persists then we would advise you to take quick action. And for that, we would ask you to call the professionals at Norton customer service phone number. Availing this number is tough task now because the Google is flooded fake numbers of customer services. But, we would recommend you to instead of searching, directly visit the website of Mycustomerservice. We are asking you to visit this specific website because it is probably the only web-based directory or you can say an online directory that offers numbers of customer services that are located in the USA or Canada.