Solutions If Norton Antivirus Won’t Allow Apple iTunes to Work

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Apple iTunes connects to the network; thus its performance is subject to the Internet security suite of your computer. Though some security software let iTunes link to its servers without any troubles, sometimes conflicts might occur. Norton Antivirus can interfere with it, preventing you from managing iPhone devices of your company. However, with the Norton antivirus contact number for customer service, you can avail the quick help if any issue occurs.

Confirm That Norton Is the Issue-

It is proven that iTunes gets blocked at times by the security software, but it requires ensuring that the Norton Antivirus is the real problem before uninstalling it. Some simple configuration problems that might be caused by Norton can lead your iTunes to stop functioning correctly. Before you troubleshoot, check that your system has the exact date, time and zone, and you have installed the latest versions of Norton and iTunes and logged on as an admin user.

Essential Updates:-

As iTunes is the central application and commonly used by both Mac and PC users, it’s potential that software updates related to Norton can conflict between the two requests. Reveal your Norton program and check for the necessary upgrades. Latest versions or virus definition files might have inbuilt exceptions for iTunes, however, it relies on the Norton version and its subscription selections.

Program Exceptions:-

Norton’s firewall security can prevent iTunes from connecting to its servers. With the security software, you can enable particular applications via the firewall. Open your Norton program. Click the ‘Settings’ >> Select the ‘Network’ >> click the ‘Smart Firewall’ >> click the ‘Configure’ option in the Advanced Settings. Click the ‘Configure’ option in the General Rule’s row and then ‘Add’ button to use a wizard to insert iTunes as an exception. When the wizard is completed, click the ‘OK’ button to close the window.

Port Exceptions

If you add iTunes as an exception in Norton, but it doesn’t eliminate the conflicts between the applications, add port numbers and domains of iTunes manually to Norton. For iTunes to run correctly, it requires having access to 80 and 443 ports along with six distinct domains. Try to add these ports and domains to the firewall exceptions to let iTunes work.

However, if these workarounds didn’t solve the Norton issues with iTunes, dial the Norton customer support number and avail the experts’ help to fix all sorts of problems instantly at Mycustomerservice.

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